International Adoption–Returning Home

International Adoption–Returning Home

by Tracey Fouché

Int'l-Adoption-Image-1After months of waiting and piles of paperwork associated with your international adoption, you have finally brought your child home sweet home to the United States.

At this point, you would think you are finally done with paperwork and court, right?  Not quite…  After adoptive parents return home with their child, the child needs to be “re-adopted” or the adoption needs to be finalized.

There are two relevant international adoption statutes in Idaho that your child’s case may fall under, depending on the specific circumstances of your child’s adoption, which country your child is from, and the type of visa he or she has been issued.  If necessary, your child’s name can also be changed during this “re-adoption” or “finalization” process.  Additionally, this process will allow for a U.S. birth certificate to be issued for your child.

What type of documents and information will your attorney need to assist you with these processes?  Be prepared to give her the following: your home study, your child’s birth certificate from his or her country of origin, your child’s certificate of citizenship (if you already have it), the adoption decree, order, or certificate from the foreign court, your child’s passport, an authority to adopt document, the applicable Hague certificate, and any other relevant documents.

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