Can I Choose the Adoptive Parents for My Baby?

baby-baby-with-mom-mother-kiss-tenderness-67663Yes! Expectant mothers are often hesitant to pursue an adoption plan because there are a lot of misconceptions about exactly where your child goes if you choose adoption.  As a mother making a private adoption plan, your child will not be put into foster care.  Rather, your sweet baby will go from your arms, directly into the loving arms of the family that you select.

Prospective adoptive parents go through a rigorous screening process called a “home study” before their family profile is presented to expectant parents.  They must show that they are financially, emotionally, and physically prepared to be parents.  Their homes are inspected, background checks are run, medical visits are performed, and they are interviewed by licensed social workers.

There are far more families seeking to adopt a child than there are babies placed each year.  This means that the expectant mother has a lot of options, and complete control over the decision of which family will raise her baby. Expectant moms (and dads if involved) making an adoption plan can look for specific characteristics in families to help make their decision.  These characteristics may include things like: ethnicity, age, religion, number of children already in the home, geographical location (nearness to biological mother), and education of the potential adoptive parents.

When a woman chooses to place her baby for adoption, people often say that she is “giving her baby up for adoption.”  We cringe when we hear this phrase. In reality, she isn’t “giving up” anything.  Rather, she is thoughtfully, carefully, and lovingly choosing a family to care for, love, and raise her child.

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