Unplanned Pregnancy

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We consider it a true privilege to walk alongside expectant parents through their adoption journey.  We treat each expectant mother and expectant father with the utmost kindness, honesty, and respect.  We know the decision to place a baby for adoption can be overwhelming and stressful.  That is why we partner with you to find the perfect family to raise your child and to ensure that you get the care and support you need during and after your pregnancy. We will answer any questions you have about the adoption process and walk you through each step.  It is our goal that you make an adoption plan that you are completely comfortable with.

Can I contact my child after the adoption is completed?

In the world of domestic adoption, there are three general levels of “openness” that can guide your adoption plan:

Open: Characterized by the sharing of identifying information, in-person visits, letters, and pictures.

Semi-Open: Characterized by the sharing of more limited information, letters, and pictures.

Closed: Characterized by the absence of sharing identifying information and by no future updates or pictures.

How open or closed you want your adoption to be is ultimately up to you.  In addition, the decision as to which family to place your child with is up to you.  We will work tirelessly to find a family that has the qualities you seek and that desires the same level of openness as you do.

How do I choose an adoptive family for my baby?

As you start the adoption process, we will talk with you in detail about the characteristics that are important to you in an adoptive couple. These characteristics might include religion, geographical location, family size, education, race, desired level of post-adoption contact, and anything else that is important to you.  Next, we will show you profiles of potential adoptive families who have the traits you desire and who might make a great match for you.  Often, a family or two will stand out to you.  If you would like to learn more about a specific family, we will arrange a phone call or an in-person meeting, depending on your preferences.  Your transportation expenses will be covered or we can arrange a meeting that is near you.  Once you feel that you have enough information and are confident you have found the family you want to adopt your baby, we will make the match official.

Can I choose an adoptive family that lives in a different state than me?

Yes, we work with families from all over the country.  We can help you find a family that is the perfect match for you and your baby, no matter which state they are from.  If you choose a family that is out of state, we can help arrange for you to meet them in person.

Am I responsible for any adoption costs?

No.  The adoptive parents pay all adoption-related expenses.

Will I receive counseling if I want it?

Yes!  We encourage all of our expectant parents to get counseling from a professional who is experienced with adoption situations and understands the unique issues adoption presents.  You are welcome to choose your own counselor or we can help you find one whom you are comfortable working with.  Counseling is provided at no cost to expectant parents.

What will my hospital experience be like?

Your hospital experience is completely up to you.  We will help you come up with a hospital plan that you are comfortable with.  You can determine what kind of birth you want, who you want and don’t want in the delivery room, and how much contact, if any, you would like with the baby and with the adoptive parents while at the hospital.  Typically, the baby goes home with the adoptive parents when he or she is released from the hospital.

Will my baby go into foster care at all?

No. The baby will be placed directly with the adoptive parents.

When will I sign the adoption papers?

The papers relinquishing parental rights and consenting to the adoption can be signed after birth.  Consent must be executed in front of an authorized court official.

Does the baby's father play a role in the adoption?

The father’s role and involvement depends on your individual situation.  If he is supportive of the adoption plan and if you would like him to be involved, then he can be part of the entire process.  This includes helping you to choose the adoptive family.

Regardless of your particular situation, if the baby’s father is known, he must be notified and given a chance to sign consent papers.  If he does not sign the consent papers, there are additional ways to terminate his parental rights.  If he is unknown or cannot be found, we will publish a notification in the newspaper.

Are you ready to take the next step in the adoption process?  Or would you simply like more information about adoption?  We are here to help.
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